Political Science

Doctor's Degree Doctor of Public Administration Program

Faculty of Political Sciences

Doctor of Public Administration Program in Public Administration

Philosophy, Significance and Objectives:


            “Cultivating Public Administrators with Morality and Change Leaders”


The Doctor of Public Administration program in Public Administration shall foster professional Doctoral graduates who are knowledgeable and capable in public administration as change leaders with visions and upholding morality, ethics and determination to create prosperity to the organizations, the society and the nation as a whole.



  1. To produce professional doctoral graduates with academic knowledge and ability to conduct higher levels of research;
  2. To produce doctoral graduates with morality and ethical standards to meet the need of organizations both public and private sectors;
  3. To foster doctoral graduates to be change agents and fully with knowledge and ability;
  4. To foster doctoral graduates with visions and the ability to efficiently and appropriately apply public administration knowledge in daily work;
  5. To encourage and support doctoral graduates to apply knowledge beneficial for national development both at the local and national levels;
  6. To promote and develop doctoral graduates to be competitive internationally within the rapid changing contexts.


Prospective Professional Careers:

  1. In private sector as administrators, managers, business men, and resource persons;
  2. In public sector as civil servants in government offices, military and police officers;
  3. In state enterprising, state employees;
  4. In politics, national politicians and local politicians.