Liberal Arts

Faculty of Liberal Arts 


            The Faculty of Liberal Arts shall be the leaders in managing academic and professional towards cultivating the graduates with morality and ethics, participating in maintaining art and culture, providing academic services to the society and promoting research works for educational and social development



Fostering the graduates with good personality, high morality, leadership in languages, and academic development.


Visions: The Faculty of Liberal Arts shall achieve the images of success in the following area:

1. Be leaders in academic and professional education management;

2. Cultivate the graduates with high morality and ethics;

3. Encourage the students and faculty members to participate in art and cultural conservation;

4. Participate in academic services to the society;

5. Promote academic research for educational and social development.



The Faculty of Liberal Arts shall be bonded with the following commitments:

  1. Produce Liberal Art graduates with knowledge, morality, and life-long learning skills through fostering the students to endeavor in research and study, analytical, and become knowledge seekers to develop their potential in professional work and pursuing higher educational degrees.
  2. Set up a source of knowledge and research work for educational and community development.
  3. Provide academic services to the community in various aspects to boost the quality of lives of community members.
  4. Maintain and promote art and culture to the society.

Promote the academic staff and the students’ participation in organizational administration and management for optimum efficiency.


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