Bangkokthonburi University History

Background of the University



Philosophy: BTU is an institution of higher learning adhering to the philosophy of life-long and life-along education by producing social leaders with knowledge, wisdom, and morality who are able to apply sciences and technology for development to become an innovative educational institution of high standard based on the sufficiency economy philosophy.

Mission: Cultivating Man with Wisdom and Morality.




  1. To become an experience-based university aiming at producing graduates with knowledge, experiences and hands on professionals;
  2. To develop the graduates as “perfect man” of highly moral, spiritual, academic, well around, and modern;
  3. To develop appropriate environment, systems and mechanism to cultivate professional graduates for professional organizations;
  4. To be a community of scholar and become a “Harvard of the East and Oxford of the Orient.”



Bangkokthonburi University is mandated to carry out the following commitments:

  1. To produce graduates with competencies, morality and spirits in professional areas needed by the country;
  2. To conduct research and create innovations in various professional disciplines for national and international development;
  3. To provide public services in the areas BTU has readiness and expertise;
  4.  To maintain and preserve arts and cultural heritages and develop high quality standard of education.



Bangkokthonburi University was established to educate high quality graduates to serve national economic, social and democracy based on national and international standards with the following goals;

  1. To produce knowledgeable persons of both theories and practices with high moral and ethical values, and well-versed in conducting research works and providing educational services to the community to regional and local areas;
  2. To produce the graduates with full awareness and loyalty to the nation, religion, and the monarchy;
  3. To produce the graduates with arts and cultural conservative minds to unearth, rediscovery, maintain, preserve, develop and disseminate the 8,000 years of unique and hidden Thai arts and cultures as an origin and cradle of world civilizations;
  4. To produce the graduates with high potentiality in providing social services and enhancing the quality of life through modern educational, information and communication technology on the basis of borderless and ubiquitous educational paradigms;
  5. To produce the graduates with the full awareness of duties and rights of citizens in the democratic system with the monarchy as head of the state for the benefits of the Thai and world citizens as a whole;
  6. To help unburden the public sector in providing the educational management of higher education through a close collaboration with the Ministry of Education to produce high quality and potential human resources for Thailand.