Bangkokthonburi University History

Background of the University


Bangkokthonburi University was approved by the Office of Higher Commissioner, Ministry of Education by H.E. Jurin Laksanavisit, Minister of Education to change the status from Bangkokthonburi College to be Bangkokthonburi University (BTU) on June 11, 2009.

            Bangkokthonburi University System (BTU) has long been serving Thai people who wish to pursue their higher education for nearly 30 years since the establishment of Bangkok Vocational and Business College in 1987. After then there were series of new colleges established namely Bangkok Poly Techniques (1997), Bangkok Business Administration School (1999), Bangkokthonburi College (2002), and Bangkokthonburi University (2009) aiming to be a comprehensive university with the Philosophy: “Cultivating Man with Wisdom and Morality” pursuing the Mission: “The Professional University.”

            Bangkokthonburi University (BTU) was established as Bangkokthonburi College by Dr. Bangorn Benjathirkul on January 28, 2003 who foresaw the importance of Thailand’s human resource development and to serve the needs of the community and the parents of students of the Vocational and Business College and the Bangkok Poly Techniques wishing to provide higher education for their children as well as to serve the needs of Thai youth in pursuing effective education with the mission to provide an excellent comprehensive and holistic educational system by qualified experts and specialists. The ultimate aim is to produce qualified graduates to serve their society and their country as a whole under the philosophy: “Cultivate Man with Wisdom and Morality.”

            BTU is located on the land areas totaling 219 Rai, 3 Ngan, and 94 Square Was on two locations. First location is BTU main campus situated at 16/10 Taweewatta Road in Taweewattana District, Bangkok,10170 with the land area of 188 Rai, 2 Ngan, and  8 Square Was; and the second location is at Sa Kra Jome Village, Don Jedi District of Supanburi Province with the land area of 31 Rai, 1 Ngan, and 86 Square Was. Since BTU main campus is in suburban Bangkok surrounded by various governmental offices with convenience and accessible communication via buses and automobiles, it facilitates effective administration and management of the University.

            During the three decades of educational services since the establishment of business and technical schools and Bangkokthonburi College, BTU has efficiently managed to carry out BTU’s four major functions, namely teaching and learning, conducting research, providing educational services to the public, and maintaining and preserving arts and cultural heritages. BTU has been recognized as a leading institution of higher learning in Thailand with continuing determination to provide quality education for all people to provide equity and quality education to cope with the ever changing world.