Science and Technology

Faculty of Sciences and Technology คณะวิทยาศาสตร์และเทคโนโลยี


“Morality leads knowledge and uphold technology”


The Faculty of Sciences and Technology adheres to the University’s philosophy determining to accumulate, search for and develop the knowledge to bring forth growth and prosperity in intellectual wisdom with academic, morality and ethics as well as awareness of virtue in developing, promoting, and supporting scientific personnel to pursue research and studies, academic to develop teaching and learning in sciences and technology, to provide academic services to the society; to conserve and maintain Thai art and culture, to cherish and protect valuable national heritage; cultivating man with responsibility and unity essential to bring up the Thai nation to prosperity, security up to international standard of civilization.


The Faculty of Sciences and Technology shall be bonded to fulfill the following commitments:

            1. Conducting teaching and learning to develop desirable graduates in sciences and technology;

            2. Promoting and supporting research and study to develop academic knowledge in sciences and technology to create new body of scientific and technological knowledge;

            3. Providing academic services to the society in sciences and technology;

            4. Promoting and supporting art and cultural works.


The objectives of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology are four-fold:

            1. To produce the graduates in sciences and technology with morality and ethics;

            2. To foster the graduates with knowledge and know-how in sciences and technology;

            3. To produce the graduates with scientific and technological skills needed for professional practices in sciences and technology;

            4. To foster interpersonal relations skills and responsibility in the graduates;

            5. To enhance qualitative skills, communication skills, and information technology competencies.


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