Public Health Program

1.  Title of the Program: Bachelor of Public Health Program in Public Health


2.  Title of the Degree and Field of Study: Bachelor of Public Health (Public Health)

B.P.H (Public Health)

Philosophy and Importance of the Program:

Bangkokthonburi University’ major functions are to produce graduates, conduct researches, providing academic services to the society, and maintaining art and cultural heritage. To fulfill these functions, the University is fully qualified to produce graduates in multiple fields with high quality academic staff and supporting personnel, classrooms, and instructional media. The University through the Faculty of Public Health, being aware of the shortage of public health personnel, offers Bachelor of Public Health program to produce Public Health graduates who are knowledgeable in providing professional public health services through the application of public health knowledge to enhance holistic health condition of the people, modifying health behavior to suit the people’s ways of living and social changes, and help solve public health problems in the community and the nation as a whole.


The Faculty of Public Health adheres to the University’s philosophy and mission on “Cultivating Man with Wisdom and Morality” by managing the Public Health programs along the conceptual framework of developing man, public health, teaching and learning process giving the emphasis on moral and ethical standard set forth by the Public Health Professional Council and keep in mind with the social and cultural background and the trust on Public Health profession,

Objectives of the Program:

  1. To produce public health graduates with high morality and ethics in providing professional public health services and cherish Thai cultures and Thai ways;
  2. To produce public health graduates with knowledge and able to apply Public Health Science and other related disciplines to provide public health services efficiently in health cares, disease prevention, disease controlling, and sickness curing as well as developing holistic health hygiene of the people according to the community ways of living.
  3.  To produce public health graduates with competencies as professional public health personnel, public health academicians, public health administrators, researchers and capable to work in both public and private sectors and independent public health specialists;
  4. To produce public health graduates with interpersonal skills and responsibilities, good human relations, ability to work in teams taking the role of good leaders and followers, ability to coordinate and work efficiently with others;
  5. To produce public health graduates with quantitative skills, communication skills especially in using information technology for self-development and creativity in public health profession.


Prospective Careers:

After graduation, public health graduates may pursue the following prospective careers:

  1. Public Health academicians;
  2. Disease control personnel;
  3. Hygiene Academicians;
  4. Epidemiologists;
  5. Environmental Academicians;
  6. Industrial Academicians;
  7. Local Administration Organization Public Health Academicians;
  8. Public Health Personnel in public and private industrial factories;
  9. Freelance, independent public health and hygiene specialists;
  10. Further their study for Master and Doctoral degrees in Public Health.

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