Sports Science and Technology

Faculty of Sport Science and Technology 


The Faculty of Science and Technology was established on the policy of Bangkokthonburi University. H.E. Dr. Chanchai Chairungruang, Chairman, and Assistant Professor Dr.Bangorn Benjathikul, President, foresighted the importance of developing and promoting sport sciences and technology; thus, proposed the establishment of the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Technology and got the approval of the University Council on Tuesday, October 9, 2012.

            The Bachelor of Science in Sport Sciences and Technology was acknowledged by the Office of Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education on Friday, July 26, 2013.

            The Faculty of Science and Technology, under Associate Professor Dr.Wisoot Kongjinda, Dean, set policies and guidelines of the Faculty as follows:


Philosophy: The Faculty of Science and Technology upholds the philosophy pragmatism and progressivism in developing desirable graduates in sport science and technology, promoting and supporting research, academic development, academic services in sport sciences and technology and conducting research to expand the frontier of knowledge and know-how, provide academic services, and upholding art and cultural heritages.



"Cultivating Sport Scientists, Perfect Man, and National Builders”


Visions: The Faculty of Science and Technology shall realize the following images of success:

            1. Fostering graduates to become leaders towards professional sport scientists and sport technologist;

            2. Fostering desirable Sport Science and Technology graduates;

            3. Promoting studies and research in Sport Science and Technology;

            4. Developing academic in Sport Science and Technology;

            5. Providing teaching and learning in Sport Science and Technology to the society;

            6. Maintaining and conserving art and cultural heritage.

Identity: Sport Science and Technology shall foster the identity of the graduates as

            “Experts in Sport Arts and Sciences”

Uniqueness: Sport Science and Technology shall be the Source of knowledge and know-how to cultivate “Sport Scientists and Perfect Men towards Professional Path of Sport Sciences and Technology.”  


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