Communication Arts

Communication Arts

Faculty of Communication Arts

Philosophy: The Faculty of Communication Arts adheres to the determination to produce Communication Arts graduates in the fields needed by the community, soc++iety and the nation through educational management to yield quality graduates with academic and professional skills, creativity, and high morality and professional ethics. 



Cultivating Communicators with Great Thinking, Moral Minds and Excellent Professional Works.


Visions: The Faculty of Communication Arts shall produce our graduates with high standard knowledge and morality, to become social leaders and able to use technology appropriately in developing communication art profession to the international standard. 



The Faculty of Communication Arts is bonded to pursue the following commitments:

  1. In teaching and learning, the Faculty of Communication Arts shall prepare our graduates to be social leaders with high potentiality and efficiency in professional undertaking; possessing global competencies; self-reliance; leaning to think, to do -and to solve; be knowledgeable and of good morality; be able to create innovations for self, social and national benefits; and engaging student-centered, cooperative, and collaborative learning;
  2. In student activities and development, the Faculty of Communication Arts shall develop activities to enhance academic and professional benefits as well as social, art and culture, and mind upgrading activities;
  3. In research, the Faculty of Communication Arts shall support research to expand the frontier of knowledge in communication art, to develop innovative institutional and national teaching and learning;
  4. In providing academic services to the society, the Faculty of Communication Arts shall disseminate beneficial knowledge and know-how in communication techniques to the community in various dimensions to help enhance the quality of life, improving the quality of work, environmental conservation, and voluntary mindedness towards the society;
  5. In maintaining national art and culture, the Faculty of Communication Arts shall promote and support the students’ participation in the art and cultural activities of the organizations, communities, localities, government offices, and other related social units in order to create the people’s awareness in the concrete conservation of art and culture.

Desirable Attributes of the Graduates:

The Faculty of Communication Arts shall foster the Communication Art graduates to possess the following attributes to meet the need of the society and the labor market:

  1. Maintain high morality and ethics, positive professional attitude, and responsibility to the society and comply to the professional codes of conducts;
  2. Be knowledgeable, skillful, and creative in communication art, and appropriately able to apply and integrate theories into practices in various communication situations;
  3. Possess leadership, adversity and resilient, well-disciplined, responsibility, and law abiding;
  4. Maintain good personality, having good human relationship and work well  with others at all levels;
  5. Be skillful in communication and the use of information technology, in content analysis, audience analysis and wisely select appropriate media;
  6. Be presentable and able to give effective presentations; capable of appropriately utilizing innovations and technology in professional work.



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