Faculty of Accountancy 

The Faculty of Accountacy was established in 2002 in the year Bangkokthonburi Collage was authorized by the Ministry of Education to offer two degree programs in Business Administration, namely Bachelor of Business Administration program in Accounting (4 Years) and Bachelor of Administration program in Accounting (2 Year Continuing degree program).

            In 2008, the Faculty of Accountancy was established. The 4 year Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Accounting was revised to Bachelor of Accounting in the Faculty of Accountancy aiming at producing Accounting graduates of high quality and responsibility to meet the need of the labor markets complying with the University’s Mission: Cultivating Man with Wisdom and Morality.

            The Faculty of Accountancy performs the four functions efficiently, namely (1) Teaching and learning, (2) Conducting research, (3) Providing academic services to the society, and (4) Maintaining and conserving art and culture.  The Faculty of Accountancy is determined to foster the graduates with knowledge and know-how, be able to apply theories to practices and transfer the experiences to real life situation based on professional morality and ethics.

            In addition, the Faculty of Accountancy is situated in the green areas which are the sites of many government offices such as Taweewattana District, Buddhist temples, Police Stations, Thonburi Swap Market, Provincial Industrial Office of Nakorn Pathom Province, Provincial Industrial Office of Samut Sakorn Province as well as private business sectors such as factories and business office buildings. All these contexts help facilitate and support the task of the Faculty of Accountancy as specified and mandated by the University.



The Faculty of Accountancy adheres to the philosophy of existentialism and pragmatism in fostering the graduates to have knowledge and experiences in accounting, be able to apply the knowledge and know-how earned during their studies to practice effectively and efficiently as well as upholding morality, professional ethics with determination to create prosperity to the organization, society and the country.



            Fostering accounting graduates with wisdom, knowledge and profession expertise”



The Faculty of Accountancy pursue to create the images of success through the following visions:

            1. Educating the students with through fundamental knowledge and know-how in management accounting and practices;

2. Encouraging teaching and learning both theories and practices in accounting;

3. Fostering the students with knowledge and capability in information technology system and keep abreast with modern science and technology in accounting;

4. Cultivating morality, professional ethics to the students.



The Faculty of Accountancy is bonded to the following commitments:

  1. Provide the account graduates with the continuous development in acquiring professional knowledge and know-how in undertaking accounting career in accordance;
  2. Cultivating morality, ethics, scarification, and responsibility to the accounting profession, the society and the country;
  3. Applying the accounting knowledge and know-how to the daily use to meet the need of working places in both public and private sectors;
  4. Participating in upholding continuous economic and social prosperity to the society.


Identity: The graduates of the Faculty of Accountancy shall maintain the following identity:

            “Developing knowledge with morality towards the path to professional accountants”


            Definition: “Developing knowledge with morality towards the path to professional accountants” means the creation of knowledge to enhance professional ability satisfactorily along desirable behavioral performances of all accounting tasks to maintain and uphold honors, fames on the path to become professional accountants.


Uniqueness: The Faculty of Accountancy shall maintain to be the sources of fostering the graduates to be unique in “Honesty, Economical, and Adversity.”


            “Honesty” means the positive expression of person attributes to show morality such as sincerity, strait forwardness, avoiding telling a lie, cheating and stealing.

            “Economical” means spending money based on the sufficiency economy.

            “Adversity” means to endure hardship both physical and mental avoiding speaking and acting undesirable actions.


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