Business Administration

Bachelor’s Degree Four years Mangement


"Create graduates, produce executives, be committed to the industrial sector."


It is a source of knowledge in industrial Management that develops students' potential in academics, professions, and morals, which will lead to social and national development.


1. Educational Management in Industrial Management will develop, improving the curriculum in the Industrial Management Bachelor's degree to be consistent with the changing conditions in politics, economy, society, and technology, producing graduates and managing the industry with knowledge, morality, creativity, and social development.

2. Research in Industrial Management will promote and develop faculty and personnel research potential, allow research on industrial Management, and disseminate knowledge gained from research to benefit society.

3. Academic services to society in Industrial Management will expand their scope and knowledge service formats to the community and culture so that the community and culture can put the knowledge to use. This will lead to developing communities and a strong society in intelligence and morality.

4. Development and preservation of arts, culture, and the environment. The industrial Management major will continue Thai arts and culture and create awareness among students to consider the value of Thai arts and culture and the environment. In addition, it increases the role of having artistic and cultural expressions shown proudly to the community and society.

5. Technology system development in Industrial Management significantly supports the application of modern technology in teaching, providing services, and administration in industrial Management.

6. Organizational management system development in Industrial Management major. The management system will be developed in structure, workforce, budget finance, and asset systems to have quality consistent with the mission to be carried out in every aspect.

7. Educational quality assurance in Industrial Management. The educational quality assurance mechanism system has carried it out. It will continuously develop an academic quality assurance mechanism system for the field of study to be accepted by the community.


1. To produce graduates with knowledge and understanding of industrial management, both theory and practice

2. To enable graduates to apply their knowledge and understanding to careers with morality and ethics.

3. To provide graduates with sufficient knowledge and potential to continue their studies at a higher level both within and abroad.

4. To produce graduates responsible for themselves, society, and the nation.