Faculty of Education

Master's Degree Master of Education Programs in Curriculum and Instruction

Faculty of Education

Master of Education Programs in Curriculum and Instruction


Philosophy, Significance and Objectives:


The Faculty of Education is determine to offer two master degree programs: Master of Education program in Educational Administration and Master of Education Program in Curriculum and Instruction.

            The Master of Education program in Educational Administration is determined to produce Master degree graduates who are knowledgeable and capable in educational administration; able to apply knowledge and experiences in administration and uphold professional codes of conducts; able to work well with others in educational institutions; cultivating good educational administrators with creativities, maintaining high morality in organizational development; truly practical and understanding professional foundations; able to solve educational administration problems; be responsible, honest, sacrificing and be good models in educational management systems to be beneficial to educational, social and national development.

            The Master of Education program in Curriculum and Instruction produces Master degree graduates to be curriculum developers, teachers and instructors, researchers, and educational evaluators who are knowledgeable and able to innovate teaching methods for child-centered approaches.


Educational administrators are significant mechanism to develop and enhance national educational management to cope with technological, economic, social and global changes. The country needs high quality professional personnel who are able to appropriately apply the concepts, principles and experiences in both public and private educational organizations in order to strengthening educational institutions at all levels to be the sources of human resources development to produce desirable man power for the country.

            Also, good curriculum development specialists, teachers and instructors are significant elements of educational system of all levels. It’s necessary to foster the graduate students to become curriculum and instruction in schools, colleges and universities.



  1. To produce Master graduates with high morality and ethics with positive attitude in educational profession and maintain codes of conducts in education;
  2. To foster Master graduates with knowledge and know-how with good understanding in concepts and principles of education in the fields of their interests; be able to analyze and synthesize educational concepts, principles and theories, educational processes in educational administration, teaching and learning;
  3. To produce Master graduates with analytical skills, administrative skills, teaching and learning skills capable of conducting situational analysis and applying knowledge and understanding on concepts, principles and theories, and processes in administration and teaching and learning and competently solve problems in unexpected situational changes;
  4. To cultivate Master graduates with interpersonal skills, work well with others; maintaining good leadership and followership with personal and social responsibility;
  5. To produce Master graduates with numerical and quantitative skills, communication skills and the use of information technology both speaking and writing in the areas of educational administration, curriculum and instruction.


Prospective Professional Careers: Holders of Master of Education degrees may pursue the following professional careers:

          1. School administrator

          2. Educational administrators

          3. Teachers and instructors

          4. Academic specialists in organizations

          5. Independent educators.