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Program: Master of Music


Philosophy, Importance and Objectives:


The Faculty of Music’s Master of Music adheres to the University philosophy in cultivating man with wisdom and morality by producing Master of Music graduates on the Faculty of Music’s philosophy “Music creates man; Man builds his nation” to foster qualified experts in music to be leaders of the society with the roles in human resource development, the leaders with beautiful minds appreciating aesthetic works.



The Master of Music program is importance because it aims to create music graduate with knowledge, thoughts, and ability in music and research on music cultures at the international levels; not only to develop human resources for entrepreneurs or music organizations but also hope to produce personnel with quality and personality with ideology; being able to present their thoughts and sciences on Ethno musicology and Music Education for mind development of humanities to enable them to appreciate virtue, aesthetics to aspire the society and the world.


Objectives: The objectives of the Master of Music program are four-fold:

  1. To produce Master graduates


  1. To foster Master of Music graduates with morality, professional ethics and able to manage problems in morality and ethics in academic and professional contexts through sound judgment of the knowing one with fairness based on evidences, good principles, rationale. And values;
  2. To produce Master of Music graduates to be thinkable, knowledgeable, music capabilities and research in music and musical cultures; understanding higher level of knowledge and research in academic and professional music as well as music related advanced technology at the international level;



  1. To foster Master of Music graduates with thorough understanding of theories and creative techniques of searching, analyzing the research problems and issues, able to integrate learning through research and creative works in music; able to synthesize theories and research findings in related fields as well as to build new body of knowledge, interpreting creatively the newly found knowledge from research findings, or applying the knowledge or research findings for the benefits of the music profession and the world society;
  2. To produce Master of Music graduates with good interpersonal relations between individuals and groups of people; maintaining leadership in administration and management, be able to work in teams in solving problems, to have responsibility and voluntary mindedness;
  3. To produce Master of Music graduates with quantitative and numeric skills, communication and information technology skills; be able to screen data for implementation or research in music through the appropriate application of musicology and art, be able to communicate music content systematically and efficiently based on the opportunities and status of the audiences.


Prospectus Careers:

The Master of Music graduates may take up the following professional careers:

  1. Instructors of University and college public or private’
  2. Researcher in Music Anthropology or Music Education;
  3. Music Literacy Specialists;
  4. Professional Musicians
  5. Music Cultural Experts at various Cultural Center nation-wide;
  6. Independent entrepreneurs.